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Because some things only get better with time.
In this digital, one size-fits-all era, it's hard to imagine a home without laminated, easycare flooring...or the prefabricated, straight-from-the mill wood planks you find for sale in the big box chain lumber stores that we all see dotting the increasingly urbanized landscape.
And with the old forests rapidly disappearing from our world, your choice of lumber materials when you build a home has been drastically reduced, with a cost prohibitive price on wood types that used to be commonplace in homes throughout the United States. Some wood has even disappeared completely, the old, stately trees replaced by faster growing, more efficient varieties. Luckily, there is an alternative.
Every piece of our wood tells America's story.
We sell something different...something we think is better. Wood that has character. Wood that comes with beauty and the rich coloring that comes only from age and a story, the tale of an America built from the old growth forests and majestic trees that stood where shopping malls and gas stations stand now.
You can't buy the lumber we offer just anywhere, because it was produced in a time when beams were hewn by hand, in sizes, and a superior strength and condition unknown in today's lumber yards. We have reclaimed lumber for sale, salvaged from expired warehouses and old buildings. The trend is to recycle this dry sturdy wood which is less likely to twist, warp or shrink.
Warmth and character in every plank and beam.
We offer reclaimed lumber and antique wood that has been salvaged and restored from old buildings and barns across the United States. Hewn from trees that are centuries old, it is living history for your home. Every mark, every old scrape tells a story of the country and the people who used these buildings.
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This wood has deepened with the old pigments to become something even more beautiful than even how it was, with a rich patina and character than only can come with age and history. Many of the varieties of wood that we offer aren't even grow commercially now, lost to an era where time and goods perhaps didn't cost so much.
Enjoy reclaimed wood furniture and antique wood In your home
You don't need to build a new house to incorporate this beauty and meaning into your daily life. We sell rustic boards and beams in small quantities for smaller projects, as well as Amish-made reclaimed wood dining tables, antique beams perfect for a fireplace mantel and wide pine plank floors that add unique, character rich elements to your existing home.
Call us today, or look through our gallery of photos for ideas and information on how you can take advantage of this fast disappearing and truly American resource.
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